Welcome to Sirocco Station

Anaconda Freighter

Hull: 150 t
Internal Capacity: 650 t
Main Thruster Acceleration: 6 g
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 3 g
Crew: 10
Gun Mountings: 1
Missile Pylons: 8
Fuel Scoop: Yes
Allegiance: Independent
Cost: 1,060,000 Cr
Hyperspace Ranges: C3 - 3.37, C4 - 6.00, C5 - 9.37, C6 - 11.80, C7 - 16.06

Rollo's Thoughts

The Anaconda is a quite average trading ship, big, slow and a too long crew list. What does Bob mean with: "take it to an edge system and start picking the pirates of...". If you have a 400 meters long ship with only one gun in each end, defending yourself can be harder then expected. This is not a very good buy.

Equipment Recommendations

  • Lots of shields and a big gun...