Welcome to Sirocco Station

Griffin Carrier

Hull: 241 t
Internal Capacity: 2184 t
Main Thruster Acceleration: 6 g
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 3 g
Crew: 12
Gun Mountings: 4
Missile Pylons: 8
Fuel Scoop: Yes
Allegiance: Independent, Federation, Alliance
Cost: 3,403,000 Cr
Hyperspace Ranges: C8 - 10.02

Rollo's Thoughts

This is a trading ship made for some serious ass kicking. Only the Panther Clipper is bigger, but the Griffin can take 84t more cargo. Imagine how powerful guns you can stick on this baby, and then give up all your thoughts of becoming a pirate.

The turret on the Griffin is badly placed and it's easy to shoot yourself, so watch out.

Equipment Recommendations

  • Everything you can afford.