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Harris Fighter

Hull: 28 t
Internal Capacity: 83 t
Main Thruster Acceleration: 21.1 g
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 9 g
Crew: 3
Gun Mountings: 2
Missile Pylons: 4
Fuel Scoop: Yes
Allegiance: Federation, Alliance
Cost: 102,000 Cr
Hyperspace Ranges: C2 - 10.81, C3 - 24.32, C4 - 43.24

Rollo's Thoughts

The number of required crewmembers in the game and in the manual are different. The manual says that you can fly this solo but in the game it requires a crew of 3 :-(. The Harris is a very capable craft. Especially for taxi and courier missions because of its speed, which is very high for a ship of its size. It can also be used as a cobat ship if you install some firepower.

Equipment Recommendations

  • The Harris needs a class 3 military drive to reach it's full potential.