Welcome to Sirocco Station

Viper Defence Craft

Hull: 15 t
Internal Capacity: 50 t
Main Thruster Acceleration: 24.2 g
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 10 g
Crew: 1
Gun Mountings: 1
Missile Pylons: 4
Fuel Scoop: Yes
Allegiance: Independent, Federation, Empire
Cost: 87,000 Cr
Hyperspace Ranges: C1 - 4.61, C2 - 18.46, C3 - 41.53

Rollo's Thoughts

The Viper was originally a police craft only. But in the past 60 years it has been released on to the public market. One of the best middle-sized fighters you can get your hands on the viper can perform well in any role. It has enough pulling power to be a sucessfull fighter and the cargo space to function as small trader or mining vessel.

Equipment Recommendations

  • 1 MW beam laser.
  • Naval ECM.
  • 2-3 Shield Generators.
  • Class 2 Military drive.