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Other Elite/Frontier Banner Ads

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It's fun to see that other people have found my banner idea interresting. Here is work submitted by some of these people. Very cool stuff indeed...

RedGamma's Banners

GammaCorp Elite Cocktail Launge The holy church of the thargoid sheep (don't ask me...) Federal recruiting ad EliteCard Visit Earth Cloaking Technology Mosser leather seats Frontier Shipyards

Raqoon's Banners

R3 - www.raqoon.co.uk R3 Corporation R3 - Not all corporations are the same More Sense... Less Confusion R3 CEO Roster Epping Town Manchester Naunton Estates New Kyoto Sunnyville Holiday Resorts Tarbit's Landing Venice on Land Cassiopeia Casino Black Widow Freight Hawker's Harriers Trojan Observer Want to see your banner here? Space Ballet Fusion Reactors for your home NN500 RadAway R3 EBBS Frontierverse
based on an original image by Cris Robson

Break's Banners

Berch Industries Boa Gerfast Slengr's Hub Restaraunt Ara Assassinations advance booking advert for the Cobra Mk IV legalize mycoid! Space Beacons - peculiar things

Nomura's Banners

Vequess Liberation Army

Bee-Keep's Banners

Mr Brown - your ale pal! Commander Caprimulgiform

MewtuTX's Banners

Sirius Corp goods bought and sold London interplanetary line

Mike's Banners

Imp. Norman

3DH's Banners

boa ad falcon ad

Unknown/Misc Banners

GalNET Acorn Elite Pages Cassiopeia - Restaurants and Diners Federal Law Enforcement - Eta Cassiopeia's Finest Federal Commanders Live Longer! Join the Federal Navy Now! FEU Ring FIB: Keeping you Safe! First Encounters J.F.Kennedy - Orbital City L33T-LITE: Cassiopeia Ale

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