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Here are data and descriptions on some of the characters I like to role-play, or otherwise use, in the Elite/Frontier universe.

Commander Rollo

Portrait: Cmdr Rollo

Full Name: Rollo Seabreeze-Backwater
Age: 37
Place Of Birth / Origin: Sirocco Station, Merlin, Ross 154 [-1,0]
Occupation: Runs a profitable little trading company on Merlin.
Allegiance: Independent
Ship: The Anastasia, a Moray Starboat.

Short Life History:

Rollo's family had been nomadic fishermen as long as anyone could remember. His education started at a very young age. He was taught how to round up and stun the great masses of merlin fish with photonic flash-bombs, how to harpoon the great fang-whales and how to survive the arctic environment.

Rollo was slowly growing up and life was, as they say, great. Until one day. When he came back from a several days trip, he found his parents Ice-Sailer a burning wreck and everyone he knew and loved, dead.

In a state of madness he followed the tracks of his families murderers and ended up at the Sirocco Starport. There he lost track of them and wandered, for days, aimlessly around the station until he was picked up by the local police.

After several days in jail a lawyer contacted him. He brought with him the testament of Rollo's uncle. Among his possessions were an old Eagle Mk2, something Rollo found strange, as he had never heard that his uncle had been off the planet.

He thought for a moment and found that there wasn't really anything left for him here. His mind made up he went to the market, bought 3 tons of freeze-dried meat, loaded it on his newly acquired ship and blasted off to seek his fortune amongst the stars.

No one knows exactly what happened the next 20 years but when Rollo came back to Merlin. He had money, influence and about the coolest ship anyone had seen on this side of the galaxy. Rollo used his money and connections among the government of Sirocco Station to get a slice of the hard controlled export market, and soon he had established a very sucessful trading company.

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Oscar - The Lonely Android

Portrait: Oscar

Full Name: JH54-2201B a.k.a. Oscar
Age: 56
Place Of Birth / Origin: Constructed by RoboCorp inc. on Luyten 97-12
Occupation: Slave-droid on the run.
Allegiance: Anarchistic
Ship: A rusty, old Gecko.

Short Life History:

Oscar was constructed on Luyten 97-12 together with 100,000,000 other Epsilon 2001:B class droids, the model that was supposed to replace the old workhorse, the A class. After assembly he was bought by a mining company on Ackwace 4. There he spent the next 50 years hauling thousands of tons of ore from the mine and into large smelting ovens.

All was going well for Oscar and he was slowly approaching the next rank, that of oven cleaner, when fate stepped on him. While he was struggling in the mine a large boulder fell from the tunnel roof and hit him in the head.

After this accident Oscar couldn't feel the same satisfaction with his job. Not even the comforting warmth from the oven could gladden him anymore, and he started daydreaming. Oscar finally (after 30 nano-seconds) figured out what was missing. He needed someone to share his joys, his miseries, his life. Oscar wanted love and understanding. To accomplish this he placed a personal ad on the Galactic BBS, stole an old Gecko and left the mine, forever.

Unluckily for Oscar love didn't want anything to do with him, the droid who answered the ad was beaten up by it's owner and re-programmed to become gay. Fed up with life, the universe and everything Oscar set out in his stolen ship to try and find a world where droids could live together in peace and harmony, without any meddling humanoids...

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Portrait: Softpads

Full Name: Softpads Longwhisker
Age: 19
Place Of Birth / Origin: A large asteroid in the Diso system
Occupation: Space Pirate
Allegiance: Anarchistic
Ship: The Devastator, a heavily modified Python freighter.

Short Life History:

Softpads parents were asteroid miners. When she was only two months old the asteroid they lived on was attacked by pirates. The pirates murdered her parents, stole their ore and tools and were preparing to blow up the asteroid when the pirate captain, Sharpclaws Longwhisker, found the infant Softpads hidden under a pile of blankets. The captain took pity in her and brought her with him to raise as his own daughter.

Softpads grew up aboard the pirate ship and became a valued member of the crew. She is an expert in all weapons and in the deadly Disoian martial arts, as well as a competent pilot. She has no knowledge of her true heritage and believes herself to be the real daughter of Sharpclaws, schooled to one day take over after the captain and continue his work.

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