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Here you can find information on all weapon systems and other equipment.

Repairs and Servicing

Equipment is usually very reliable but will become more unreliable with age, so servicing is important. It can be done at any time, and the longer you leave it the more likely a problem is to occur, so delay at your own peril. If an item of equipment breaks down it will not function and will be shown on the Ships Inventory page in red text until it has been repaired. If a particular shipyard does not sell a piece of equipment, repairs cannot be carried out because the tools required will not be available either.

Missiles, Mines and Bombs

Missiles can really turn a fight to your advantage. A missile can hit an enemy from beyond laser range and will cause tremendous damage. Most missiles and mines can be destroyed with diffrent kinds of ECM.

XB74 Proximity Mine

Price: 27 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: ???

The Proximity mine has no engine - it just floats around in space waiting for an enemy to crash into it. Not very useful as it tend to drift away from the battlefield. Can be destroyed by both normal and naval ECM.

KL760 Homing Missile

Price: 45 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: 50t

The cheapest missile available and also the least powerful. It can be destroyed with the standard ECM system.

LV111 Smart Missile

Price: 63 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: 75t

A step up from the standard homing missile, the Smart missile is more powerful and immune to the standard ECM.

NN500 Naval Missile

Price: 90 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: 100t

Probably the missile you want to arm your ship with. The naval missiles are immune to all type of ECM and pack a respectable punch.

MV1 Assault Missile

Price: 117 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: 150t

The Assault missiles are much more powerful than the other types of missiles. However they are easily destroyed by naval ECM.

MV2 Assault Missile

Price: 144 Cr
Weight: 1t
Damage: 200t

Like the MV1 but more powerful. Can still be countered with NECM.

Nuclear Missile

Price: Cannot be bought (for obvious reasons)
Weight: 1t
Damage: 30t(un-detonated)

Used to destroy large things like starbases and satellites. You can only get one from one of the military factions and it will only detonate against a pre-programmed target.

Thargoid Missile

Price: 180 Cr (cannot be bought)
Weight: 1t
Damage: 250t

Bigger, better faster and more powerful - and with little green fins. Comes with the Thargoid warship you get from the Thargoids after giving them the vaccine. Immune to all types of ECM.

Energy Bomb

Price: 17100 Cr
Weight: 4t
Damage: 65t

A very useful device that will overload the engines of all ships in the vicinity (except yours of course), destroying or seriously damaging them. A great way of getting rid of a lot of small irritating ships. This is a one-shot only weapon so save it until you really need it.

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Beam Weapons

These are weapons that fire a concentrated energy beam. Due to the high power of a laser or plasma accelerator, firing a shot will generate a lot of heat so remember to keep an eye on your weapon's temperature, or your gun will most probably shut down when you need it the most.

Beam Weapons can be divided into two categories:

Pulse: The weapon is fired in short bursts. It will not overheat easily but makes it harder to hit your enemy. Often a good secondary weapon, placed in a turret or a rear mounting, due to it's small size

Beam: The weapon fires a continuos beam. It will overheat quickly but makes it easy to "home in" on the enemy ship. Beam lasers are generally more powerful then their pulse counterpart.

The damage of the lasers is measured in tons per second. In other words: how many tons of total mass and shields they can destroy every second of continous fire.

1MW Pulse Laser

Price: 810 Cr
Weight: 1t
Beam color: Red
Damage: 20 t/s
Rate of fire: 1.5 shots/s

The smallest laser available and also the worst possible. To kill anything with the 1MW pulse laser you need a lot of patients and skill.

5MW Pulse Laser

Price: 2700 Cr
Weight: 3t
Beam color: Yellow
Damage: 100 t/s
Rate of fire: 1.5 shots/s

The 5MW laser is a very good choice if you have a small ship. While not as deadly as the beam lasers it can still destroy a Police Viper in two shots. The weapon of a marksman.

30MW Mining Laser

Price: 10800 Cr
Weight: 10t
Beam color: White
Damage: 300 t/s
Rate of fire: 0.75 shots/s

Used mainly for asteroid mining. The firing rate is pretty slow so it's not very effective as a weapon although it's a good idea to fit it to the rear mounting if you have a larger ship. That way you can use it if you happen to find any asteroids.

1MW Beam Laser

Price: 6300 Cr
Weight: 5t
Beam color: Red
Damage: 90 t/s

While not theoretically as powerful as the 5MW pulse laser the 1MW beam laser is probably the better weapon or at least easier to use. A good weapon to fit on middle sized fighters like the Viper.

4MW Beam Laser

Price: 11,700 Cr
Weight: 20t
Beam color: Orange
Damage: 360 t/s

The most common laser. A perfect weapon on the larger fighters or in turrets. Requires a Laser Cooling Booster to be effective.

20MW Beam Laser

Price: 22,500 Cr
Weight: 75t
Beam color: Bright yellow
Damage: 1800 t/s

Probably as large as you want to go with a laser. Powerful enought to evaporate most ships in a matter of seconds. Perfect for large fighters or battleships like the Imperial Courier. Completely useless without a Cooling Booster.

100MW Beam Laser

Price: 54,000 Cr
Weight: 200t
Beam color: Purple
Damage: 9000 t/s

The most powerful human laser. Nothing you are likely to use as the 20MW is more practical and the Plasma Accelerators are cooler.

Thargoid Laser

Price: 9000 Cr (cannot be bought)
Weight: 50 t
Beam color: Green
Damage: Very High

A Thargoid invention and the most powerful laser. Fitted to the Thargoid warships. Will not overheat as quickly as human lasers.

Small Plasma Accelerator

Price: 270,000 Cr
Weight: 500t
Beam color: Cyan
Damage: Extreme

Very big, very powerful and very expensive. The Plasma Accelerators are the ultimate in ship destruction, able to destroy a long range cruiser in one shot while not even becoming hot.

Large Plasma Accelerator

Price: 540,000 Cr
Weight: 900t
Beam color: Cyan
Damage: Disgustingly high

The ultimate destructive force in the universe. Not really worth the money and space it takes up. The Small Plasma Accelerator should be enough for anyone.

Laser Cooling Booster

Price: 360 Cr
Weight: 1t

A vital piece of equipment. The Laser Cooling Booster will help cool down the laser making it possible to fire more often. The larger lasers are useless without one.

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Defensive Equipment

Some nifty gadgets used to protect your ship against hostile surroundings and ships.

Atmospheric Shielding

Price: 180 Cr
Weight: 1t

A must have. It will make it possible for your ship to enter the atmosphere of planets without burning up.

Shield Generators

Price: 2250 Cr
Weight: 4t

A Shield Generator creates a protective forcefield around your ship that will take up any damage while loosing power. The effect is cumulative, meaning that the more shield generators you fit the more damage they will be able to withstand.

Each shield is equivalent with 15t hull. When a ship with shields is hit the color of the shields will show how damaged they are. They start at blue goes down through orange and red.

Hull Auto-Repair System

Price: 15750 Cr
Weight: 40t

A highly complex device that involves tiny nano-bots. The nano-bots will slowly repair any hull damage to your ship. A must-have for a large ship as the cost of repairs can get very high.

Energy Booster Unit

Price: 9900 Cr
Weight: 5t

A good buy for a large ship with lots of shields. The EBU will decrease the time it takes to recharge your shields.

Chaff Dispenser


Price: 72 Cr
Weight: 1t + chaff (1t each)

Often overlooked the Chaff Dispenser jettisons small metalic fragments that can fool even the NN500 Naval missile to detonate. Remember that you have to buy chaff at the stockmarket (around 90Cr a ton) or the Dispenser will not work.

Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Price: 1080 Cr
Weight: 2t

Originally a Thargoid invention to counter missiles in the thargoid wars. The device was copied by human scientists and later released to the public. The Standard ECM will destroy all mines and KL760 missiles. None should be without one.

Naval ECM

Price: 13500 Cr
Weight: 2t

A more advanced type of the ECM. The Naval version will also destroy Smart missiles and all types of Assault Missiles.

Escape Capsule

Price: 18000 Cr
Weight: 5t

A nice way to cheat death. The Escape Capsule will detatch itself from your ship moment before it is destroyed. It comes fitted with an automatic pilot that will take you to the nearest space station where you will get a new Eagle Mk1 - just like it says in the insurance papers. For more info click here.

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Computers and Sensors

These items help you navigate in space and add new capabilities to your ship.



Price: 630 Cr
Weight: 1t

The Scanner is the Elite pilot's best friend. It will construct a 3D image of the space around you, plotting out other ships in diffrent colors depending on their mass (see image to the right). You can use the color codings to find the most dangerous attacker (larger = more dangerous).


Price: 1260 Cr
Weight: 1t

The Automatic pilot handles a lot of tiresome tasks like in-system travel and requesting landing permission. Something to remember is that the auto-pilot isn't perfect and will sometimes run into planets, something that can be avoided by not engaging it close to large objects.

Navigation Computer

Price: 162 Cr
Weight: -

Since selecting space stations and starports in the Orbital map can get a bit tedious the Navigation Computer was made. It will show a list of starports that you can select from and the auto pilot will take you there.

Combat Computer

Price: 270 Cr
Weight: -

The combat computer is supposed to replace the normal scanner. However it's cumbersome to use and you are probably better off without one.

Radar Mapper

Price: 900 Cr
Weight: 1t

The Radar Mapper will scan a targeted ship and report mass, damage, shields and any bounty. If you destroy a wanted ship you won't get any bounty if you don't have this installed. A necessity for the bounty hunter and a very handy piece of equipment for the everyone else.

Hyperspace Cloud Analyzer

Price: 1575 Cr
Weight: 1t

A piece of equipment that can analyse hyperspace-clouds. It will tell you the mass of the ship and when it is going to arrive. Essential for assasins and pirates.

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Mining Equipment

Equipment used for mining and fuel scooping.

Fuel Scoop

Price: 3150 Cr
Weight: 6t

A remarkable device used to scoop hydrogen fuel from gas giants and stars. You will need atmospheric shielding and a shield generator to scoop fuel from a star. Requires a Scoop mounting on your ship.

Cargo Scoop Conversion

Price: 3600 Cr
Weight: 2t

This device will upgrade your Fuel Scoop so that it can scoop up cargo containers. Essential for pirates.

Tractor Beam Cargo Scoop

Price: 8550 Cr
Weight: 1t

A replacement for the Fuel Scoop and Cargo Scoop Conversion. The Tractor Beam Scoop only takes up 1t of cargo space but can't scoop fuel.

MB4 Mining Machine

Price: 5850 Cr
Weight: 30t

A very impressive machine. The MB4 can be left on a planet and will start mining for you if it finds anything worth having. For more information on mining go here.

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Environmental Control Equipment

Systems that extend the life support on your ship.

Cargo Bay Life Support

Price: 540 Cr
Weight: 1t

Required if you want to transport live cargo like slaves or animals. Will install life support systems in your cargo hold. If you try to transport live animals without one fitted they will die and you have to sell them as animal meat (not very profitable).

Extra Passenger Cabin

Price: 1350 Cr
Weight: 5t

Transporting people can be very profitable and requires an extra cabin for each person. Take care because sometimes your clients will have assasins on their tail. For more information click here.

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Drive Systems

The larger ship you have the more powerful engine is required. The largest engine available for purchase to the public is the class 7. The class 8 can not be bought unless it's already fitted to a ship.

Interplanetary Drive

Price: 4500 Cr
Weight: 4t

An ordinary, lightweight drive. It is not hyperpace capable but can be used for in-system travel.

Standard Hyperdrives

Standard Hyperdrives are readily available and are used by most ships. They use hydrogen fuel which can be bought or scooped from stars or gas giants.

Drive Price Weight Max Jump-Fuel Range Value Money Value
C1 7200 Cr 10 t 1 t 30 ly/t 42 mly/Cr
C2 13500 Cr 25 t 4 t 48 ly/t 89 mly/Cr
C3 27000 Cr 45 t 9 t 60 ly/t 100 mly/Cr
C4 54000 Cr 80 t 16 t 60 ly/t 89 mly/Cr
C5 108000 Cr 150 t 25 t 50 ly/t 69 mly/Cr
C6 216000 Cr 250 t 36 t 43 ly/t 50 mly/Cr
C7 432000 Cr 400 t 49 t 37 ly/t 34 mly/Cr
C8 864000 Cr 600 t 81 t 32 ly/t 22 mly/Cr

Note: The Class 3 is the best drive in terms of weight versus range. While the class 4 comes close it isn't the most cost effective drive.

Military Hyperdrives

The military drives are much more advanced than the civilian equivalents. They are much smaller and runs on military fuel which has side-effects. Every ton of consumed military fuel will give one ton of radioactive waste. They are only available for purchase up to class 3. The class 4 is only fitted to the Quest ships and the Thargoid Warship.

Drive Price Weight Max Jump-Fuel Range value Money Value
M1 22500 Cr 6 t 1 t 50 ly/t 13 mly/Cr
M2 45000 Cr 12 t 4 t 100 ly/t 26 mly/Cr
M3 90000 Cr 24 t 9 t 113 ly/t 30 mly/Cr
M4 720000 Cr 36 t 7 t 3333 ly/t 167 mly/Cr

Note: While all the military drives are excellent the class 3 is probably the best buy. The class 4 actually behaves like a class 20 drive except that it does't drink as much fuel and is pretty light.

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