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The Elite series of games has a large and creative group of fans. As a result there is a virtual smorgasbord of good sites. Here I present some of my favorites, the ones you can't afford to miss. You can also check out my other linkpage for non-elite stuff.


Commander Zat Solo's Deep Space Outpost

General information on the Elite games and space exploration. Has the best elite linkpage on the web with hundreds of links. Updated regulary.

The Official Elite Club

Download revised versions of Frontier and First Encounters here. Also patches for those with the original games.

The Unofficial Elite Club

Lets face it. The unofficial site contains much more information than the official.


Commander Steve's Frontier/FFE and astronomy page. Also has reviews on the various SF novellas shipped with the games.

Longhaul Outpost

Take a trip to Diso

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Ian Bell's Elite pages

Home of one of the original creators of Elite. Here you can download all elite versions released to the public.

The Acorn Elite Pages

A great site dedicated to Archimedes √Člite - The best version according to many.

Mufossa's Elite Site

Mofassa is a very productive writer. Here you can find the expanded Elite timeline and Pritchard On The Frontier.

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Probably the best Frontier site out there. Has a lot of info, all the downloads you can think of and a good tutorial for the beginner.

FE2 Pilot's Lounge

"Here's the spot for commanders - in the know - to get cool stuff". A very cool site with lots of cool stuff!

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Frontier: First Encounters

Alioth.net - Home of the Alliance

Has a really good guide to flying in space and a lot of elite fiction to read.

Jades' First Encounters Site

Here you can find ship reviews, mission information, downloads and info about some of the things that should have happened if the game had been properly completed. Also hosts the FFE FAQ.

R3 & the Elite Phenomenon

Commander Raqoon's tribute to FFE. Has a few very cool java games and all the FFE BBS videos for download.

Life On The Frontier

A very nicely designed site. And hold on... it has contents too!

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Elite IV

Frontier Developments

David Braben's company. Now working on the sequel to FFE! Definitely worth a visit.

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