Welcome to Sirocco Station

Who am I?

(Dan's Desktop)


Hi all! My name is Dan Lind. I'm your friendly local website operator!

Life (sort of...)

When I'm not playing Elite (which unfortunatly have been rare for a while) I study computer science at the university of Uppsala, Sweden. In my spare time (whenever that is) I enjoy listening to music (synth and jazz for the most part), kayaking, drawing stuff, watching movies and doing fun things with my friends.

The Site

Sirocco Station started as a means for me to learn HTML back in '95. It's first installment looked...well...like crap, to be honest. It can still be viewed here at geocities since I haven't been able to remove it after they got bought up by Yahoo!. Anyway, I lost interest in the site the last year in "high school" and then I did my military service for a year at I21 in SollefteƄ as a driver and radio operator.

When I got home again I started playing Frontier (fed up with games like Unreal and the like) and I got hooked once more (damn you Braben! Did you have to make it so bloody good?). I started writing some material again but never put anything online until I started at the uni in 2000. After a while I looked into the possibility of buying my own domain and so I did. I also found a free, ad-less host in Portland Communications, probably the only free ISP with Perl and MySQL support in the known galaxy.

A while ago I got way over Portlands bandswidth limit, and since I couldnt pay for the full service I thought it would be the end of my site... but, like a saving angel Dylan, webmaster of alioth.net saw my pain and offered to help me. So now the station has found a new home on his server. Something I will forever be greatful for.

I can honestly say that I'm pretty content with the way the site looks now, so don't expect any big re-designs for a while. However, I do have several cool ideas for the site. Most will probably never take the step from my imagination to electronic form, but stay tuned for those that do.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at Dream-Ware Webmaster or if that fails you can try my hotmail adress, but don't expect quick responses from that one as I don't check it very often. The well connected (he he) can also reach me over ICQ #74303175 or IM at the above mail adress.

You can have a look at my current desktop here.