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Mission Page

The thing that makes Frontier and First Encounters so fun is that you can do almost anything you like. If money is your thing can get a large freighter and start shipping farm-machinery to Sol [0,0]. Sounds dull? Then get yourself a nice combat craft (like the Cobra) and try out bounty hunting or high-risk assassination!


Like to work on your own? Get yourself a MB 4 mining machine and try to find a rich planet in one of the outer systems. Also covers asteroid mining, trading aswell as the less reputable careers like pirating and bounty hunting.

Standard Missions

These are the standard, random generated, missions found on the BBS. Deliver packages, start a taxi business or perform assassinations - the choice is yours!.

Military Missions

Work as an agent for the Federal Military or the Imperial Navy. You get to blow things up and conduct espionage.

Also contains a list of medals and ranks and what to do to get them.

Special Hand Coded Missions

These are the missions that are not random-generated. They actually "change the world", and your results are often shown in at least one of the newspapers. Knowing all about these missions will without doubt decrese the fun of playing (not playing a mission will also decrese the fun, so choose for yourself what to do).

I have split them up into two categories:

The Hand Coded Missions - Kill some people and help a lonely dolphin!
The Thargoid Missions - Find out what really happened to the Thargoids.