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Moray Starboat

Hull: 17 t
Internal Capacity: 70 t
Main Thruster Acceleration: 14.1 g
Retro Thruster Acceleration: 6 g
Crew: 1
Gun Mountings: 1
Missile Pylons: 4
Fuel Scoop: Yes
Allegiance: Independent, Federation
Cost: 109,000 Cr
Hyperspace Ranges: C1 - 3.44, C2 - 13.79, C3 - 31.03

Rollo's Thoughts

The Starboat is a very good first ship on your way to become a sucessful trader. The fact that you can fly the Starboat solo and still have a cargo capacity of 45t after the standard drive is fitted makes it a perfect middle ship between the fighters and the larger freighters.

The Moray is the ship I prefer to fly in FE2 and FFE. Not because it's a good ship (the engines really suck), but because it's so damn cool!

Equipment Recommendations

  • Fitted with a 4MW beam laser the Starboat is a dangerous foe.
  • If you plan to use this ship after you could upgrade to something fancier, I recommend getting a military drive.