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Paper Models

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Would you like to have a fleet of Elite ships dangling from your ceiling? Thought so! Grab a pair of scissors, some glue or tape and get to work!

How to do it

The models are best printed on some sort of thick paper, alternately you can do it like me and glue two papers together. If you are going to glue the ship together use a type of glue with high viscosity as it helps stabilizing the model. If you want to you can use tape instead but the effect isn't as good. How to hang up the model then? The easiest way is to use some sort of transparent line (e.g. fishing-line) and tie it to a needle. Dip the needle in glue and stick it through the models center of gravity. Then just hang it from your lamp or another nice place.

The Ships

Click on the image of a ship to download a printable version.

Cobra Mk3  

Cobra MkIII

A must have for any elite fan. The Cobra 3 requires a lot of folding but is worth it.

Cobra Mk3  

Noel's dented old Cobra III

The ship of a lone wolf trader! This old Cobra has had it's fare share of beating and it shows. The hull is covered with micro-meteorite craters and the odd laser scar. Paper model made by Noel Navarro.



This triangular model is easy to make. Take care when you do the two booms on the sides. You will probably have to trim them with scissors afterwards.



GalCop Persuit model. Rather easy to make unless you are a hardcore model maker and would like to fit two blinking diodes at the top.

Eagle Mk2  

Eagle Mk2

Pretty tricky to make. The booms on the wings need to be rolled and then inserted at the tip of the wings before glueing it together. Take care as the hull tend to bulge invards sometimes.



Every bounty-hunters dream and a status symbol for the rich. Now you too can own one, in a slightly smaller scale.


Moray 'Starboat'

A simple and nice looking model. One for those amphibian pirate lovers among you.


Adder: Police Version

Not all trading posts can afford the more expensive Viper so their police force will have to make do with the old Adder class ship. Painted and thought out by 'James' (I forgot your e-mail adress, so let me know if you want anything else put up here)


Thargoid Invasion Ship

Used by the insectiod thargoids - this octagonal, purple killing machine has sent many a spacer to his grave during the Thargoid Wars.

KL760 Missile  

KL760 Homing Missile

No ship is complete without proper armament. More missile types on the way...

KL760 Missile  

NN500 Naval + MV1 Assault Missile

More advanced missiles than the KL760, and in flashier colors.


On the drawing board

Here is a small list of ships I intend do do over time (probably in this order).

  • Thargon
  • Gecko
  • Asp
  • Cobra Mk1
  • A Coriolis Station would be cool

Photos/images of Elite models

Here I collect images sent in by people who have made their own models. Currently there isn't a lot here but hopefully it will grow. I heard that some people made models in Lego, those I would love to have pics of!

A Cobra by Jannah Berihn

A photo of a Cobra model made by Jannah Berihn.

The model is more than 12" wide (that's over 30 centimeters for us European guys) and made of card, reinforced with scotch tape. The ship is resting on Jannah's old BBC microcomputer next to the original Elite manual. Can it get any more nostalgic than that?

The Gingerbread Cobra!
[See Larger Image]

My Gingerbread Cobra MkIII. Made by me from gingerbread decorated with smarties and sugar glazing. The whole thing is composed of 11 gingerbread plates held together with molted sugar.

Dimensions: Width: 26 cm, Length: 12 cm, Height: 5 cm (without landing gears).

This has been a rather fun project so I might make a new model next year... Don't really know what yet so mail me ideas.

The Steel Cobra!
[See Larger Image]

The Steel Cobra Mk3. This amazing creation was made by Dirk Wittenstein. Its completely made in steel and is quite heavy. I know because he was nice enough to send me one :)

As soon as its maker has time we will make a special page with more detail on how it was made and what groovy machinery was involved, but at the moment you will have to be satisfied with some images:

<1> <2> <3> <4>

Dimensions: 6.0x12.7x2.5 cm.

Lego Cobra!
[See Larger Image]

The Lego Cobra (2?) made by Jason "Break" Togneri
We are kind of confused as to what elite ship this really is. It looks a bit like a mix of a Sidewinder and a Cobra... maybe its the fabled Cobra Mk2 that got canceled due to hull malfunctions?

Anyway, its black and nasty looking and would fit well in the Elite universe. More pictures here and here.

Remember that the models doesn't necessarily have to be made of paper. I welcome images of models made of Lego, wood, clay, chewed bread, or anything else you can think of...

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Some of the ships on this page are based on nets made by John Mackay. For uncolored versions of EVERY Elite ship visit his homepage, Witch Space.