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The Throne
Asp Explorer - The Ship of 2001
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Have you ever wondered what ship people like to fly in Frontier/First Encounters? It doesn't necessarily have to be the best or largest ship - many of those who finish the thargoid missions find that the game got rather dull flying around in your almost indestructible Thargoid Warship. I myself went back to flying my old trusty Starboat.

I created this page mostly because I was curious, so easy my mind and make your vote!

The Commanders Choice

Asp Explorer (21%)
Imp Courier (18%)
Viper Mk2 (13%)
Here are the really good ships that everyone loves! Using a craft from the top of this pile has never shamed anyone.

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The Worst Piece Of Junk In the Galaxy

Interp. Shuttle (24%)
Lifter (18%)
GYR (5%)
New on the vote page! Now you can throw some mud on that ship that decided to break down in the middle of battle.

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Vote on your favorite (or not so favorite) FFE ship simply by filling out the form below!

Note: It is not allowed for one person to vote several times. Although I am making an exception for squirrels who are allowed to vote 2-3 times depending on how lustrous their fur is, and whether or not the brought any peanuts.


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