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Frontier: First Encounters - Tips and Cheats


Take advantage of bugs in the game.

Faster Travel

Tired of those long jorneys between your hyperspace exit point and the space station? Leave the auto-pilot in control until it starts to decelerate, then go to 'engines off' mode (You can continue to accelerate yourself if you like, but it will cost you fuel). Wait until you are less than 1AU from your target and then start up the auto pilot again (TAB key once), and your ship will be pulled to a halt right outside the station.

Super Missiles

You have probably noticed that when you fire a missile at an enemy he will try to run away and often make it. Try this instead: pause the game, target the ship(s) you want and fire missiles. Then hit maximum time acceleration and the missiles will automatically hit (if your target didn't have ECM). This also works on bombing missions and when firing at a satellite.

Scatter pirate swarms

Sometimes when you wake up from stardreamer sleep you can be surrounded by numerous pirates attacking you at once. Hit max time acceleration (Shift+F5) and you will only have to face 1-2 at a time.

Turrets outside of time

If you have beam lasers fitted in your turrets you can pause the game (ESC key once) and target your laser on a ship. You will see a bluish cloud when you hit a distant target. Then just keep firing, un-pause the game (Shift+F1) and your enemy will be hit. The same procedure can be repeated until the other ship is destroyed.


Some good advice and tips.

How to become ELITE

Most people "finish" the game on Competent or Dangerous, not many have what it takes to become one of the few selected, the Elite. Here are some of my tips, but know that it is going to require hard work and dedication.

  • Only trade in anarchic and unstable systems, that way you will make money while honing your fighting skills.
  • Attack space stations and bases and then blow up every police viper in sight. Staying low helps as the police has trouble hitting you then. This is probably the best way of boosting your combat rating.
  • Do bombing and recon missions for the military. You will have tons of enemies to fight. This is also good for your career.

Here below you can see a table with the ranks and the amount of required kills. Note: The manual is wrong, it doesn't matter what type of ship you destroy, a lowly Eagle will give you as many points as the massive Panther.

Rating Kills Required
Harmless 0
Mostly Harmless 4
Poor 8
Below Average 16
Average 32
Above Average 64
Competent 128
Dangerous 1,000
Deadly 3,000
ELITE 6,000

A future Elite pilot is going to need the best in equipment. Check out my equipments page and the shipyard for reviews and tips.

more tips coming with next update.....