Welcome to Sirocco Station

Welcome to Sirocco Station

We have much to offer both the wary space trader and the hotheaded adventurer. Our own five-star restaurant 'The Ecstatic Gourmet' serve the famous Pickled Merlin Fish Pie. After lunch we recommend an afternoon of exciting Plesiosaur hunting (with an experienced guide of course). The less adventurous can visit 'The Gas Bubble', the local pub. It features a wide variety of drinks for both androids and carbon-based life forms.

While you wait for your ship to dock you can read the menu below and plan your visit for maximum enjoyment.


Information on recent updates and major events.
  The Games
An overview of Elite and it's sequels. Also help on how to get them to run.
Reviews, data and images of every ship in Frontier and First Encounters.
  Missions & Careers
Possible career choices in FFE and FE2 and a walkthrough of the handcoded missions in FFE.
Equipment reviews for FE2 and FFE. Also a short section on hyperdrives.
  Tips & Cheats
For those who find the games a little too challenging.
Ship Vote
Vote for your favorite ship!
  Frontier Art
Some Frontier/Elite inspired artwork.
FEU Characters
Portraits of some of my characters in the Frontier/Elite universe.
  Paper Models
Fold-It-Yourself Elite ships!
Advertisement Banners
Elite related ads. Also info on how to make your own and adding them to your site.
Download wallpapers, new cabin images and files.
The Elite Bulletin Board System
Post messages and questions to your fellow commanders.
  Who am I?
Some info about me and how to get in touch.
Links to other sites.
  Station Logbook
Sign or View the stations log.

Latest News


Just recently a cache of old advertisements was uncovered, so these have now been added to the Banner Ads Page.


Long time no see :) Here is a small update with cool models stuff. I was going to update more but I just realised it was half past midning and I have to be up tomorrow for uni.. so, the extra papermodels I had and some new stuff will have to wait a while.

Other news: It will be interresting to see which ship will be most popular 2002. I'm intentionally holding out on the results (yeah right) to make it more exciting towards newyear, so if you havent voted yet feel free to do so now (remember squirrels are allowed to vote several times)

I will also be making a new Gingerbread Elite ship this year (with a little help :)). I'm probably going to do the Moray, an old favourite of mine, but if you really want to see another ship let me know and I might reconsider.

Now... <stardreamer activated> Zzzzzzzz.....

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