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Here you can find information and images on all the ships in the frontier universe. Remember to check out equipment for your ship on the equipments page.

Ship Ratings

 Hardly flyable (Ex: Lifter)

 Fly this only in extreme situatons (e.g: Transporter )

 A fairly good, average ship (e.g: Moray Starboat )

 A very good ship, something to keep an eye out for (e.g: Asp Explorer )

 This is what you always wanted (e.g: Thargoid Warship )


  • Internal Capacity is without the standard hyperdrive fitted.
  • The standard hyperdrive is marked in bold.

Fighter Ships

Fast, maneuverable ships mainly intended for combat.

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Trading Ships

Big, bulky ships intended for transportation of goods.
It's in one of these you'll make the big bucks.

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Special ships

Mission specific ships or ships fitting no other description.

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Thargoid Ships

Octagonal in design, far surpassing the primitive human ships, the ships of the alien Thargoids - humanities worst enemies, are best approached with caution.

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Space Stations

Click here to view images and data on common space stations and objects.

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