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  CRUSH ALL HU-MANS! - 021119

Long time no see :) Here is a small update with cool models stuff. I was going to update more but I just realised it was half past midning and I have to be up tomorrow for uni.. so, the extra papermodels I had and some new stuff will have to wait a while.

Other news: It will be interresting to see which ship will be most popular 2002. I'm intentionally holding out on the results (yeah right) to make it more exciting towards newyear, so if you havent voted yet feel free to do so now (remember squirrels are allowed to vote several times)

I will also be making a new Gingerbread Elite ship this year (with a little help :)). I'm probably going to do the Moray, an old favourite of mine, but if you really want to see another ship let me know and I might reconsider.

Now... <stardreamer activated> Zzzzzzzz.....

  FUN, FUN, FUN IN THE SUN - 020708

It was a while ago I updated the site, but there are now a few new papermodels available (Thagoid, Adder, NN500 and MV-1 missiles). I'v also gotten around to put up the latest ship vote result, not surprisingly the Asp is still in the lead followed by the Courier.

My next idea for the site is a Failed Projects page where I will put up stuff I'v started, but never got around to finish, or tired of (there has been a lot of that... I'm good at starting projects, but not at finishing them ;) ...also, if anyone else out there has some "failed" stuff I might put it up also, if its cool...

  A TALKING NEWT - 020406

Updated the banner page with some new ads from the notorious Mr Break himself. Enjoy :)

For those who havent triedThe Elite Bar Quiz might want to do so this week, it does have a Talking Newt and thats the first quiz I'v ever seen that does...

For those with some free time on their hands I also recommend you read the excellent first chapter of Break's elite story. I'm hosting a copy here.

now.. time to sleep.. it's 04:09 in the morning and I need to get up early... *groans*

  ARRRGH!!! - 020304

I'v been pretty busy the last couple of weeks (as some of you have noted), and I'm not out of it yet. However I felt the site needed some loving care and updated some stuff. The art section has been updated with the crowd pic, and I have several new banners. Also the banner page has been redesigned (it had been growing way to big)

The new desktop pic could have been more fun... but atleast there is both a Starboat and some manga on it (Ayashi no Ceres).

  BACK UP AGAIN - 020103

Siroccostation is now back up again after it's server change. It's now hosted by Alioth.net, so drop over and check it out if you haven't already!

I finally posted some images of the Cobra MkIII I made from Gingerbread during the holidays, it can be seen here.

Added a new section about space stations on the shipyard page.

  BANNER-MANIA - 011114

This week my mailbox has been filled to the brim with FEU ads. Mainly from Cmdr Raqoon but others are joining in too. I also managed to finish a completely new JavaScript for displaying purposes (quite an accomplishment since I don't know any java at all, and no javascript either), so now it should be possible for other people to use my banners on their sites if they wish. Check it out here if you are interrested.

I have also added a new section to the who am I page called: "Dan's Desktop"... and *drums*, that means you can see what my computer desktop looks like at the moment.

Woo-ha! This rant seems to go on forever but I feel I have to do a plug for the new version of Opera, the best web-browser in the galaxy (according to me atleast). It's a beta, but don't let that scare you away, I haven't had any trouble with it so far.


Did an updated "Who am I" section with an attempt at a self-portrait. Also fixed an error in the stats for the Panther.

The community seems to have hit a "low activity" point, but experience tells me you can be sure that we'll be back up again as soon as the next wave of newbees get their hands on a couple of Cobras...

  COBRA 6 O'CLOCK! - 010919

Added a downloads page (not much contents yet, except for a wallpaper image of an Eagle). Also Noel Navarro sent me a nice paper model of a Cobra III. See it on the models page.

  A DARK DAY - 010911

Today the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was rammed by terrorist hijacked airplanes. The WTC has collapsed and the deathrate is yet unknown. I encourage my readers to send sympathy and prayers to the victims and their families.

Truly a dark day for mankind...

  NEW ART - 010911

My ISP seems to be stable again. They had some really nasty disc problems but it seems to be sorted out now.

Added some new art. The art page really needs a new design. I might do something about that in the next update. Anyway, let me know what you think about the new image.

  BLOOD AND ASHES! - 010903

The server went down screaming yeasterday, killing all my files in the process. I'v uploaded everything again, but things like the logbook and counter (I made a guess on that one) were lost. If you had signed my guestbook recently I would make me a very happy spacer if you would do so again.

If anyone can suggest another 100% free ISP that supports user created scripts (and preferably MySQL) please let me know (I'm begging here...)

  UP AGAIN - 010830

My host Portland Communications seems to have had some trouble with their servers. Hopefully everything should be up and running now. Uploaded two new banners sent to me by RedGamma and fixed the guestbook script (I had uploaded an old version last time).


Updated some old stuff and added some new (indicated by the numerous pulsating lightbulbs). The Games section now has a guide on memory problems and I have made 2 new paper models and a new banner.

  FEU ADS - 010712

After RedGamma sent me 2 new advertisement banners last night I thought it was time to make a special page for all the banners. It's rather graphics heavy (for obvious reasons) and includes info on how to draw banners and add them to your own page. Click here to check it out


Sat up late last night with a monster of a reference book on Perl. One would think that a book with 1200+ pages should have a decent index...but nooo. Anyway, enough whining for now, I finally managed to make a guestbook so please sign it!

Also updated the vote page and added one more ad banner to the random list displayed at the bottom of the start page.


Sirocco Station have now moved permanently to the new location at www.siroccostation.com. Lots of updates have been made. Among other things a page about the diffrent game versions.

Due to request I have added little icons that indicate when something is game specific e.g. the nav. computer in FFE.

- Elite specific information.
- Frontier specific. If the icon is missing the same applies to FFE.
- First Encounters speific. Applies only to FFE.

Also added some art RedGamma sent me. Admire it here.


Made a new page for my characters and commanders in the FEU. Have a look here.

Also added a photo of a Cobra model to the models page. It was sent in by Commanderess Jannah Berihn.

  NEW DOMAIN - 010424

Great news! Sirocco Station will get its own domain: www.siroccostation.com. I have just bought it. However there seem to be a problem with one of the name servers, or maybe I'm just being impatient. Stay tuned for more info!

  ART - 010424

Added some new art on the Frontier art page.

  PAPER MODELS - 010327

Finished a page with paper models of some of the elite ships! Check it out here and make your own fleet out of paper. Also counted the ship votes and updated the results page.


Finished the Equipments page and wrote some on the Tips and Cheats page. Also added two sets of downloadable cabin images on the art page.

  EBBS - 010303

Fixed an uplink to the Elite Bulletin Board System. Now you can post messages to your fellow commanders from your favorite homepage!

  LINKS - 010224

Added a linkpage with links to some of the best frontier related sites around. See it here.

  SHIPYARD - 010222

Added a lot of info about the Courier and the diffrent kind of markings. Including some old theories by Commanders Bee-Team and Tanase. Read it here.

  SHIP VOTE - 010217

The voting system is up! I wrote a cgi program this time, the old vote-by-email didn't work so well. Click here to vote.

  FRONTIER - 010209

Yes, it's alive again! I'm moving my old FFE page from geocities. I am updating and re-writing all the material (it contained an alarming amount of misspelling) and adding new stuff. The "vote for your favorite FFE ship"-page will now actually be updated.