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Hand Coded Missions - Dolphins In Space

These missions that are not random-generated. They actually "change the world", and your results are often shown in at least one of the newspapers.

Wicca Ware Race

To do this you have to go to Old Curie on Gateway and pick up a version of Jjagged Bbanner's new dreamware. Then travel to Ghandi in the Alioth system as fast as you can (if you have trouble use the autopilot cheat). If you win you will get 1010 Cr and very good reputation.

BBS: WICCA WARE The Race is on! Be the first to get the Dream to Ghandi and make them all come true. Contact here to collect your copy.

The Sohalia Plague

If you have read the journals you will know that a plague is raging on Sohalia [-1, 5] and that they are in desperate need of medicine supplies. Of course you feel sorry for them (and realise that you can make a few bucks) and decides to go there at once with as much medicine as you can. Note that this is a good way to get some cash early in the game - don't miss it!

BBS: MEDICAL SUPPLIES wanted. Best prices paid.

Transporting The "Duval Artefact"

You are to pick up the artefact at Checkovport in the Achenar system [1,-4] and bring it to Scott's Town in Beta Hydri [0,-2]. You don't have much time (about 20-25 days I think) so it's a good idea to get a fast ship (maybe a Merlin with a class 2 military drive?). A funny thing is that about a week later the artefact is reported stolen...

BBS: INVALUABLE ARTWORK requiered to be transported to Beta Hydri. Good price paid for safe transit.

The Assassination of Dentara Rast

This is a very nice mission. You are given 50 000 Cr to kill the leader of the Valhallan Liberation Army on Valhalla in Tiliala (coords: -4, -1). The only difference between this mission and normal assasination is that you must kill him before he hyperjumps. You will be nominated to "The galaxys biggest ass-hole" and a huge bounty is put on your head. I suggest you sell your old ship as fast as you can (it's next owner is in for a nasty surprise). After about 3 months both the Feds and the Empire takes on the credit of killing you. Strange, as you are still alive and reading the articel ;-).

BBS: Friends of the Valhallan Democratic Peace Party wish to arrange for a prolonged holiday for a friend from Valhalla. 50,000 paid to the right Commander

Assassinate Dentara Rast's murderer

If you didn't assasinate Dentara Rast, this is the mission for you! A more civilised mission (you ARE doing it for a good course, right?). You get the same amount of cash as the assassin and you don't have to pay any fines.

BBS: WANTED Dead or Alive. Fugitive Rollo is wanted for the murder of Dentara Rast. Reward of 50,000 for any information leading to an arrest or for a verified kill.

A Single Visitor to Thompson's Planet

Just a normal taxi mission. A person wants to go to Thompson's Planet in the Ackwada system [-5,-3]. This might have some sort of connection with the destruction of the Rockforth legal academy (see below) so it's a good idea to bring him with you.

BBS: TRANSPORT REQUIRED for single visitor to Thompson's planet.

The destruction of Rockforth legal academy

If you read the journals you have seen the articels about the court case between the Rockforth corporation and the D'Writ family. In the end the D'writs get a bit angry and advertise for a commander to carry out their revenge. The first thing you have to do is to get a bunch of powerful missiles (NN500 or MV missiles will do just fine). The academy is on Thompson's planet in the system of Achwada [-5,-3]. When you aproach the academy fly low over the ground and watch the ships who are trying to defend it turn into burning wrecks. Then launch all your missiles and get away as fast as possible. Sometimes the academy isn't destroyed, then try fire from a large distance (>100 km?) and use maximum time-acceleration.

BBS: RENOVATION REQUIRED. The renovation committee of the Friends of Dien W'rit require structural alterations to the Rockforth Legal Academy. Highest prices paid.

The Two Hitch-hiking spies

You are hired to transport two hitchhikers (they are really Federal spies so this will upset the Empire) to Solo's Rock at Urtize [3, -4] then you should go back and pick them up by a certain date. When you have picked them up, try and get away from Urtize as fast as possible because the Imps won't be very happy about it. Then you are to go to Singh starport at the Edethex system [3, -3]. If you don't get to Edethex in time the hitch-hikers might be a little annoyed and use some of their explosives on your poor ship, so be in time...

BBS: PASSAGE REQUIRED for two hitch-hikers to Solo's Rock, Urtize (3,-4) by ???. HIGHEST PRICES PAID.

Transport a friend for Junior

If you have read RIG you know that they are organizing a campaign to find a friend for a dolphin named Junior. Your job is to go to the starport of Fort Cousens( Liaququ system [2,-2]) and pick up juniors friend (you need a passenger cabin for that) and bring him to Edmunds on the zoo world of Tracy (Fawaol system [2,-3]). A nice, easy mission for a change.

BBS: DOLPHIN TRANSPORTER REQUIRED. Help cheer up Junior the lonely dolphin. Deliver a friend to keep him company. Good price paid to careful driver.

More Federal spies in trouble

A female federal spy, named Jan Thikka, is in trouble and needs urgent transport away from the Imps who are trying to find her. First remember to take alot of fuel with you as you will travel quite a distance. Then go to Mairgre [-8, -3] and land at Camp Campbell to pick her up. Then head for the nearest federal system wich is Wafaphi [-6,-3]. Not a mission for a commander in the Imperial Navy as you will get a promotion with the feds (so try to have a heigh federal ranking when you do this mission).

BBS: HITCH-HIKER STRANDED on the outer system of Mairgre [-8,-3]. Close relatives will pay for Commander to find and return to any Federal base.

Help stealing the 5-Furies statue

You are offered to transport the 5-furies statue that some terrorists have stolen from the Empire. First you need to know that the dates for" up-picking" and delivering are wrong. You only get about 3 days to complete it. Instead go to Fort O'Brien (Cemiess [-2,-2]) right away and pick up the statue, then go to Oliverport on Goldstein's Rock, Epsilon Eridani [1, 0], at the given date.

BBS: CULTURALLY INCLINED transporter required. Careful driver needed to return the 5-Furies Statue to its rightful home. Good price paid, plus the gratitude of the Galaxy's artistic community.

Silence Dr Joreb Innitu

A scientist gets to close to the trouth about the Thargoids disapperance and needs to be silenced. Go to Fort Grant in the Beta Hydri system [0, -2] and wait for him to take off, then blast his ship to pieces (like the Rast-mission you must kill him before he hyperjumps) and run away from the police as fast as you can. Sometimes he doesn't show up because the space station only has two landing pads and they are often taken. So remember to save before jumping to Beta Hydri. When completing this mission the Empire raises your rank one step, so it's a good idea to have a pretty heigh rank before doing it.

Note: This is a special military mission and not found on the normal BBS.

BBS: Associates of Dr Joreb Innitu of the Department of Alien studies wish him to find the gift of silence. Highest prices paid.