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Military Missions

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Work as an agent for the Federal Military or the Imperial Navy. You get to blow things up and conduct espionage.

Recommended Ships and Equipment

Not really much to think about here really. If you work for the Federation get an Asp, or if you like the Empire buy a Courier. The Asp is quick and powerful while the Courier's size makes it safer on bombing missions.

A thing you should be aware of is that the higher ranked missions are not easy, you will be up against a lot of enemies at the same time. Therefor don't reserve any space for trading - fill it up with Shield Generators instead. Also remeber that if your surrounded a few missiles can really change the odds.

Ranks and Titles

Both the Federal Military and the Imperial Navy give military ranks for services rendered although these are known as titles in the Empire.

Much like the Elite rating, your progress through the ranks of the military is based upon the number of missions you do, and their difficulty level. Although you will step through the early ranks resonably quickly, it will take a lot of time and effort to get anywhere near the top.

While it is possible to work for both superpowers it's nothing I would recommend. The score system is designed to punish treachery so if you change your alignment the score will drop with your old employer.

Lt. CommanderCount4,096
Rear AdmiralDuke14,641


Medals are awarded for completing especially dangerous missions.
If you have acquired all the medals don't be alarmed if one of them disappears from the Commander Profile Page, this is a bug in FFE (!) - the game starts printing the medals one line too low.

FederationEmpireAwarded after
Certificate of ValourCrimson BrassardFirst 'important' delivery
StarburstBlack PolygonFirst secret delivery
Purple OmegaGolden SpikeFirst assassination
Vermilion CrestPlatinum CrossFirst recon mission
Blue ExcelsiorLegion of HonourFirst 'excellent' photo
Frontier MedalCelestial WarriorFirst bombing mission


Points Awarded: 2

See standard missions.


Points Awarded: 14

See standard missions.

Bombing (...or fun with nuclear weapons)

Points Awarded: 18

On these missions you are to destroy a enemy base on a planet in a nearby star system, using a nuclear missile given to you by the military. Expect heavy opposition when you approach the target.

Sometimes the missile doesn't destroy the base, in that case try firing from a large distance away and hit maximum time acceleration on your StarDreamer.

BBS: Destroy the military installation in the Facece system [0, -4]. Payment $25000. Return by midnight on 26-Jan-3250


Points Awarded: 16 ( 20 for excellent photos)

These missions require you to photograph a site using the camera you're given. Also, before you take the picture, you must often destroy an orbiting satellite which tries to transmit your registration number outside the system. It fails, because you are also given a device to jam all satellite transmissions (remember, it's automatic). But be sure to destroy it, otherwise you'll end up on the galaxy's "most wanted" list. When you photograph a site from a very close distance ( < 10KM ) you get extra credit for it.

BBS: Photograph the special forces base in the Phiagre system [1,-3] and return by midnight on 18-Feb-3250. Payment $1300.

Info about medals and ranks taken from the FFE FAQ by By Jeroen van Drongelen and Graham Thurlwell.