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Standard Missions from Frontier: First Encounters

These are the standard, random generated, missions found on the bulletin boards.


The galaxy is a large place and it's easy to get lost. This mission requires you to remember the names of people you've seen so far on the bulletin boards. Sometimes a 'wanted' person is on board your ship. In this case, I advise you not to turn him over as it will damage your reputation. And besides, the credit you get for it is not worth it.

BBS: $200 REWARD: for useful information on Xavier Darkes from the Ioarfa system.


On these missions you are hired to deliver a small package (which doesn't take up any cargo-space) and deliver it to a nearby star-system. If you are offered a large amount of money (>1500$) be sure to ask the people who are hiring you if there is any risk involved (there usually are at that price). If so be prepared to be attacked after you have hyperspaced to the system.

BBS: WANTED: a ship to take a small package to the Delta Pavonis system. Will pay $320.


If you install one or more passenger cabins in your ship you can turn your ship into a space-taxi, ferrying people between systems. If the journey takes too long the passengers will begin to complain, so don't take any detours. You should be aware of that there is a risk involved. You passengers might be spies or running from the local maffia or something - ask your clients and they will tell you.

BBS: WANTED: passage for a small group to the Vequess system. Will pay $660.


If you aren't concerned with morality you can take a job as a hired killer. It requires a decent Elite ranking (from Below Average to higher levels depending on how much you are paid). You are given the registration number of the targets ship aswell as when and where he is located. If you want to keep your criminal record clean, get yourself a Hyper-space Cloud Analyser and track the ship to it's destination and hyper-jump after it. For this to work you must have a faster ship because you must arrive before the target does or it will get away. This shouldn't be a problem however because your target is often traveling in large transport vessels.

BBS: WANTED: Someone for a removal job. Mr Grant of Sisius Corp. needs removng from the Verquess system. Payment $8500.