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Thargoid Missions

This is the reason you bought Frontier: First Encounters. While the end of the game might be a bit buggy (the game was never really finished before release) most bugs can be be dealt with if you follow my advice: Save your game often!!! That way, if something goes wrong you can reload and try again.

Getting The Argents Quest

To get the Argents Quest you have to go to New Rossyth in the Alioth system [0, 4] on the 5th October 3252. There you will find an advertisement on the BBS for buying tickets to Turners requiem. Donate the maximum amount and you will be offered the Argents Quest ("The most powerful ship in the known universe") and a mission to find out what happened to Mic Turner. Note: you have to have a Elite ranking of at least Competent to get this mission.

BBS: TURNER'S REQUIEM Tickets available here for Mic Turner's memorial service. All donations go towards the new Quest's maiden voyage.


Your mission is to go to the hidden system of Pleione [32, 32] and take photographs of Turners Quest and bring back it's flight recorder. But before you rush away to Pleione, goto Gateway and look after the "Journalist's welfare found" on the BBS. Answer it and you will be told that there is a INRA defence satellite (and a big one) at Pleione. Next go and get a CLASSIFIED MISSION from one of the military factions. Then take the nuclear missile and the transmission-jammer and jump to Pleione. When you arrive, use the Remote Orbital Map to find the satellite (it's in orbit around Pleione 4b) and target it. Then fly to it and blow it to piecies with the nuclear missile. Next fly to the Turners Quest and take some photographs from different angles. Then scoop up the flight recorder wich should be floating around not far away from the Turner. If you like you can also investigate the damaged thargoid ship (there is a lot of alien artefacts floating around it for you to pick up).

Loosing The Flight Recorder

If you lost the flight recorder in the previous mission the Alliance will give you a new chance to prove that you are the "man for the job". They want you to go to Werner Starport on Gold (Liaethfa co-ordinates [0, 7]) and pick up an agent. On Werner look for an advertisement according to the one below and you will be contacted with the agent. When you have picked her up launch immediately or the INRA will blow up your ship. When you return to New Rossyth you are offered the next mission.

BBS: INTERGALACTIC FLORA AND FAUNA INC has an urgent delivery of Old English Roses to be made to before tomorrow to a relative in Red Square. All options considered.

Lost In Space

When returned from either Pleione or Liaethfa the Alliance will tell you that Mic found a Thargoid craft at Polaris [0, 76]. And they want you to investigate it. They now know that there is a INRA satellite in that system and equip your Quest with a Nuclear missile and a Transmission Jammer. You will need a LOT of fuel for this mission so it might be a good idea to exchange you Heavy Plasma Accelerator with a small one, and sell of some of the ships shields. Then go to Polaris and destroy the satellite ( it's in orbit around Polaris 3d). When the satellite is destroyed select "????" on you navigation computer and travel there. When you arrive you will see a Thargoid Transporter, dock with it. After a while you will see your scanner suddenly fill with dots, then request launch permission. When you exit the transporter you will see that the ships around you are Thargoids and that you are at Miacke [37, 144], 1196 ly from Sol, Wow! Wait around a bit and after a while you will be contacted by the Thargoid Clone Leader who want's you to dock with their main space station. Fly there using your Navigation Computer (selecting the top "????") and dock. Then the Thargoids will offer you the next mission.

The Bugs have a problem

The Thargoid have a problem, their ships have been infected by the INRA mycoid (you have read the journals, haven't you?) and they want you to help them. Now that fuel will come in handy as the Thargoids tell you to go to Hotice [-3, -2] and steal the mycoid vaccine from INRA. Jump to Hotice and travel to Hotice 1. There you will see a bunker named "¤rontier" blow it up with your gun (not the missiles as the Thargoids told you). Land near the bunker and deploy the Thargoid's mining machine. After 2-3 hours the machine will have collected some vaccine and you can go off to Miacke again (don't forget to refuel somewhere before).

The Thargoid's Reward

When you return to Miacke you will be thanked by the Thargoids and offered a Thargoid Warship. Accept it and fly back to Alioth. Land at New Rossyth and recieve a thanks from the Alliance. Next fly out and explore the galaxy in your new ship!

Bugs among "the Bugs"

It's a bug in the cargo capacity on the Warship so sometimes you are given a ship with a 60 000 ton cargo space, instead of the usual 149. When you save your game or dock at new Rossyth the game notice that and removes the extra ton's. To prevent this dock at another station and fill up as much space as you can with shields, passenger cabins and stuff. Then land at New Rossyth and save. The game can't take away that space now and you can sell of the shields and do what you like with the extra room.

Sometimes when you land at new Rossyth you get a "neutral" message and they take your Thargoid ship. If that happens restart from the point where you jump into the Thargoid system and do it all over again. This is really no big deal because the game gets quite boring with the Thargoid ship, being almost immortal. My tip is to fly around in the Warship for awhile and then buy a nicer ship, like the Courier or the Asp.

Fun fact: If you die in the Thargoid system you will get an octagonal thargoid tombstone instead of the normal one.